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About 1949 Wm. L. Petzold started doing repairs on radios & those new fangled TV's for area appliance stores. Over time he started doing repairs on all sorts of home appliances. As time went on working out of the house started to be inconvenient (or so his wife told him), so he & his new partner built a new shop on Rt. 67 in Seymour in 1960. The were doing service on home appliances & electronics for the Valley as well as Woodbridge , Bethany & the New Haven area. About 1965 Wm P. Petzold, (Bill's oldest son) joined the company.

In the late 60's they started selling new appliances & about 1970 added a showroom to their shop & expanded the Sales business. About 1972 Jim Petzold (Bill's youngest son, He also had a daughter between them) Started working part time for his father. In 1975 Jim came on full time after finishing electronics school. In 1980 Bill & Jim took over the business when Bill Sr. retired.

The son's saw the sales business as hard to compete in as larger companies & groups entered the arena. They expanded the service business, doing factory service for most of the manufacturers of the day, servicing the western half of the state. They expanded & had offices in Danbury & Waterbury.

In 1988 the sons decided to split up the business with Jim taking the Electronics dept. & Bill keeping the Appliance dept. In 1996 Jim decided that the electronics repair business was dying & moved on to other things. Bill kept on in the appliance service business.

The appliance business was getting hard but Bill kept on by offering quality service & exceptional help for the do-it-yourselfer.

In 2005 Bill decided to retire & Jim came back to run the parts business. Paul Deveneau who had been part of the service business for over 20 years took over the bulk of the service business. With the sale of the property on Rt 67, The business moved to 100 South Main St  in Seymour. In 2014 Jim's other business, Ct Digital Graphics was taking over so much of his time that Paul took over the Parts business as well. Jim is still around but has nothing to do with the parts or service business.

That brings us to the present, & Petzold's Appliance is still here to take care of your appliance problems. Feel free to call Paul at 203-525-2737 ( cell) for parts & service.  The number at the shop is still 203-888-6045 (for over 60 years!)





100 South Main Street (Rt. 115)Seymour, CT 06483
PHONE 203-525-2737 OR 203-888-6045

Our Normal

My work takes me away from the shop a lot. If you call the 203-525-2737 number that is my cell phone so you can reach me when I am on the road. Feel free to call my cell outside of the normal hours. If I am available, I will see if I can help you out.

 It is always best to be sure that I am in the shop before you make the trip.

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